Apr 19, 2018


 Sweater / Pulover - Stradivarius || Skirt / Fusta - HERE / AICI || 
Sneakers / Tenisi - Primark || Bag / Geanta - Zara

Truth be told, I didn't plan to post these photos on the blog when we went on Sunday and took them. I just wanted some photos with the gorgeous magnolias nearby and, well yeah I thought they would look great on Instagram. Buuut as they turned out quite pretty and I didn't have anything else prepared for today, plus that I won't be around next week (you have to follow me on Insta to find out why - @andyandra), I thought I could as well share them with you here.

There were two (well three but one was unreachable) huge magnolias very close to my home and I simply couldn't stay away from them, I had to immortalise their gorgeous pink flowers. It was the perfect moment as they were fully bloomed and sadly, they are now almost gone. Anyway, I decided to wear my pink maxi skirt which is probably two years old and I haven't worn it since forever. It was the first thing I ordered from Shein.com and I simply adore it. The fabric is of a very good quality, the color is gorgeous and it is long enough to reach the ground and completely cover my feet. Moreover, you should know that it comes in silver, green, olive green and black as well.

I love the combo between pink and red and therefore I decided to wear this skirt with my pink, white and red sweater from Stradivarius, to which I added my red sneakers and a red bag. After taking the photos we somehow ended up spending the afternoon in Tübingen and I must tell you, my outfit was quite eye-catching among all the jeans and t-shirt looks. :)

What do you think?

Have a lovely weekend,

Apr 16, 2018

Light denim & pink

Coat / Pardesiu - HERE / AICI || Shirt / Camasa - Esmara by Heidi Klum || 
Jeans / Blugi - Esrara by Heidi Klum || Heels / Pantofi - Primark || Bag / Geanta - H&M

Hey loves,

As usual, Monday comes with a new post and this time I chose something different, something I don't wear very often but definitely something I like: the full denim look. Truth be told, I quite like Germany's Next Top Model and I admire Heidi Klum a lot, so when I saw her new collection during one episode of GNTM I totally adored it and I knew I want to get two items from this collection: the jeans and the shirt, which were exactly what Heidi wore during that episode. I found the shirt immediately, but finding the jeans was more problematic and finally I asked my mum to get them for me in Romania, because here in Germany they were sold out everywhere. I have to tell you that these collections have super affordable prices and the fabrics are very good, in my opinion. For example, the jeans are stretchy, comfortable and super soft and the shirt is made out of a thicker denim with a great color and cut.

But you know, I had to add my girly touch to this denim look, so the moment I got this powder pink COAT I knew I wanted to wear it in this combination and I love the result. The coat is very spring appropriate as it is quite thin, but I love its color and how feminine it looks. The pearls on the sleeves and their shape were also some pretty good reasons why I chose it.
Finally, I added my floral heels and a bag / clutch in the same shade as the coat, et voila..pastels, florals and sunshine - the perfect spring look, right? :)

Wishing you a lovely new week,

P.S: You can use the code LauraZF on your check out to get a discount.

Apr 12, 2018


Dress / Rochie - HERE / AICI || Belt Bag / Borseta - HERE / AICI || Sneakers / Tenisi - Primark

Hello my darlings,

we have a date around here quite often, don't we? :D Well, I like it like that and I hope you do too, as well as I hope that I can inspire you with my posts, even if only for a little bit. :)

Anyway, today I chose to show you an all-red spring look which I like very much, even if it is quite a casual and simple one. But you know, less is more and actually, I believe that this bright color does the trick for the whole outfit, doesn't it? I absolutely adore this wrap DRESS, which I find to be very pretty and perfect for spring and even more perfect for summer, when worn with some sandals. The fabric is amazing and it actually reminded me of a similar blouse which I got last year from Zara and believe me, there is no difference in quality between them. As you can see, I chose this time a pair of sneakers, because it is not warm enough for sandals yet, and a belt bag to complete my look and this is definitely something I would wear on a daily basis when I want to feel girly, but casual as well. :)

You can find this dress HERE, on blue color as well. I'm seriously thinking of buying the blue one as well because I simply love it and it's so easy to throw on on a hot summer day!

How would you wear this dress? Do you also love dresses as much as I do or do you prefer jumpsuits?

Have a lovely weekend,

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