Apr 28, 2017

From quite parks to the busiest area [Tokyo, part 1]

 Blouse (Body) / Bluza (Body) - Zara || Jeans / Blugi - HERE / AICI || Bag / Geanta - Guess || 
Flats / Balerini - Zara 

The planets have aligned and I finally managed to start editing the 1200+ photos we took in Tokyo. Cause, if you follow me on Instagram, you are already aware of the fact that we were in Tokyo for 5 days, during the Easter Holiday. To begin with, I can already tell you that Tokyo and Hong Kong are my favourite cities we saw since we got here and Tokyo probably got to be No.1 on my list.

The city is amazing, very high-tech, well organised and has so much to offer. We walked every day 10+ km, from morning to evening and we had still had something different to see and do. Not to mention about the people - they were all extremely nice, helpful, well mannered and moreover, all of the persons we dealt with could speak English. Thumbs up for that!! Plus that 99% of the men wear suits at work, so its a delight to catch the rush hour at the subway stations and see them all so elegant rushing from side to the other. :)

But moving on, today I want to show you some photos we took during our first day there and actually they are not so many simply because we were dead tired. We had a night flight and got there at 5am, so we basically didn't sleep at all that night. At the hotel we got at around 6.30am and we could normally make the check-in at 14pm, but luckily we agreed to get the room at 11am. Still had to wait for a few hours, but you know 4 hours are better than 7 haha. Our hotel was situated in an amazing location - very close to the subway stations, therefore easy to get to all our points of interest, but also quite close to the Imperial Palace and to the Ginza district (a very posh district, recognised by many as one of the most luxurious shopping districts in the world).

So anyway, first things first, we had to start the day with a big huge coffee from Starbucks in order to resist a few more hours, after which we decided to see the Hibiya Park because it was quite close to us. Said and done, but we didn't stop there and we actually had a tour outside the Imperial Palace as well and from there all the way back to the hotel and easy breezy we had already walked 4-5 km :))
I can't even tell you on what Zombie Level we were by that time, but we got through it and slept a few hours after receiving the room. However, it was very nice to see the city at an early hour and to enjoy it also in the quiet mode, because that was in fact the only time when we saw it in a quiet mode like that.

During the afternoon we decided to go to see the Electric City (Akihabara) which is the perfect place for gamers - you can find here everything regarding consoles and video games, but also phones, computers, photo cameras and even souvenirs or food. The area is quite busy, especially during the weekends and it is definitely worth a visit, or two in our case :).

Finally, our very long first day ended with a visit in Shibuya, which is the busiest and one of the most famous districts in Tokyo. The area is also called the Tokyo's Times Square and you can probably guess why from the pictures below :D. Also, I have never seen so many people in one place in my entire life, but the feeling you get there is amazing. Besides the tall, colourful, full of ads and lights buildings, this area is also good for shopping or to find a place to eat or to have a drink. And actually you just can't go to Tokyo and not pay a visit to Shibuya! :)

On another matter, it is the first time when I managed to shoot my outfit during the night and I only have few photos, but I hope you'll like this look as much as I do. :)

Next week will come with new stories and outfits, stay tuned!
Until then, have a lovely weekend!

Apr 10, 2017

Baby Blue & Graffiti

Blazer / Sacou - HERE / AICI || Corset / Corset - Zara || Blouse / Bluza - Stradivarius || 
Pants / Pantaloni - H&M || Bag / Geanta - Zara || Heels / Pantofi - Primark |

It's Monday (yet again), so there is a new outfit around here :D This time however we leave the flowers and all the cute stuff behind and we go a little bit more underground. Babe found this super awesome and artsy location last week and I still had one more outfit prepared so we went to see it. A whole street full of graffitis and art galleries, but also with cafes, small restaurants or bars here and there - super super cool! I totally loved it and I definitely wanna go back there sometime.

Regarding the outfit, well I recently saw this baby blue BLAZER on the website and I instantly thought that it would be perfect for spring. I already had a coat in a similar color, but I thought that a new blazer is always a good idea and I particularly loved the color of this one. Moreover I love it's simplicity and the fact that it's very easy to style, either in an elegant way with heels, or in a more cool, casual way with sneakers (see my last photo). Another big plus is its length and the fact that is longer than the "normal" blazers, which I definitely like. And I shouldn't forget to tell you that the fabric is very soft and it is not so thick, therefore it's definitely a good investment for summer as well. :) You can check it out HERE.

As you can see, I composed this look starting with some basics - a pair of black pants and a striped blouse, to which I added the blazer. I couldn't leave it too simple even though that would have been fine too, but I decided to embrace the trend of wearing corsets over clothes and therefore I tied everything with a black corset. I think this definitely makes the look more interesting and it adds that little extra something to it, right? :D

Happy Monday everyone!
Hugs, A.

Apr 6, 2017

Dusky Pink Ruffles

Blouse / Bluza - HERE / AICI || Blazer / Sacou - H&M || Jeans / Blugi - Zara || Bag / Geanta - H&M || Heels / Pantofi - Primark || Earrings / Cercei - H&M 

Do you know that moment when you have your outfit ready for a certain location and you had already imagined how the photos will turn out and of course everything would go silky smooth? Yeah, that almost never happens and the plans we make at home are usually very far away from the reality. The same thing happened to me on Monday when I wanted to shoot this outfit and my brilliant idea was to do that at the Bund because that truly is one of the most beautiful places in the city. However, I did not take into consideration that it is also one of the most famous and busy places in the city, not to mention that on that day there was also a national holiday and the place would be even more crowded that usual. And when I say crowded, you can't even imagine and I can't even properly describe what crowded means in this country.

So the moment we got there all my plans were ruined and I already thought we would have to do it another time but in the end we found a little place where there were fewer people. We only managed to take a few photos as it was really not the best location for something like that, plus that everybody was staring at us..prettyyy awkward! At least now you will understand my not-so-happy face in these photos :))

Nonetheless, I had to show you this adorable dusky pink BLOUSE that I wore on Monday and which I totally love. Why? Because it's something I didn't see yet on any other blogs, plus that it has a gorgeous color and it is definitely something I didn't have so far. The design is very feminine and cute and the blouse has a lot of fabric in it. I also love the fact that the layered ruffles go all the way to the back, which makes it of a very good quality. I styled it this time with a pair of embroidered mom jeans and some pinky/nude accessories, but you can easily make it look more elegant by adding a pair of trousers or a pencil skirt. On the other hand, you can also dress it down by wearing a pair of sneakers to those jeans. :) The options are infinite, it's up to you to choose. You can find the lovely blouse HERE and I think it is definitely something you should add to your spring / summer wardrobe.

What do you think? How would you wear this blouse?

Have a lovely weekend,

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